Home Visitor Safety


Safety and Home Visiting

The personal safety of home visitors while they support and partner with families is of paramount importance.

The resources below are designed for home visitors, home visiting supervisors, and home visiting agencies regarding this issue.

The Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development, in collaboration with the Ad Hoc Safety Workgroup of the Home Visiting Task Force, has compiled these resources. Members of the Illinois home visiting community are strongly encouraged to review and incorporate them (as applicable) into their programs.

This portion of the website will be updated periodically to include new, updated and additional resources.

If there are safety-related materials that you think should be included on this website, contact Lesley Schwartz at lesley.schwartz@illinois.gov.

Other Resources

  • An application for smartphones called “Every Block” shows the locations from where calls to the police have been placed within the last two days. This application enables one to see (from a geographical perspective) where specific activity has been reported within a community.
  • The National Center for Community-Based Child Prevention provides a variety of resources from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, including a series of educational videos covering a variety of topics (eg, general safety, family assessment, trauma-informed practices, domestic violence, mental health, fire arms, drugs, and child abuse and neglect reporting).


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